10 Best Beaches on Oahu, Hawaii

Travel the whole world, and you cannot find more amazing beaches than the one in Hawaii. With the word beach, the first name came in mind is Hawaii as they had a strong connection with each other.

And when it comes to beaches in Oahu a 112 miles long coastline with amazing lush green surroundings and features plenty of best beaches to choose from. Oahu features the best beaches for family vacations to swimming, from snorkeling to ideal surfing.

Let’s check out the list of 10 best beaches in Oahu, Hawaii.


10 Best Beaches on Oahu, Hawaii

Here is a list of 10 best beaches in Oahu, Hawaii;

1.     Waikiki Beach

Whenever the topic of best beaches arises, Waikiki Beach is the first name to mention. Present in the south shore of Oahu Hawaii Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii, catering to the needs of 4 million tourists each year.

It offers a spectacular view of the Diamond Head and is a combination of several beaches, including queen Surf Beach, Kuhio Beach, and Fort DeRussy Beach. Those who are interested in snorkeling, riding the waves, and swimming or want to walk on the beach barefoot while enjoying the sun should visit Waikiki Beach.

Being so popular among tourists, there are plenty of 5 star and luxurious resorts on the beach tooffer a comfortable stay to visitors along with delicious food and amazing dining experience. Other attractions present at a short distance from the beach include Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium.


2.     AlaMoana Beach Park

Nestled between Waikiki and the downtown of Honolulu AlaMoana Beach is a human-made beach. It stretches along half a mile distance, and the main plus of visiting here is its serenity and tranquility as it is less crowded than other famous beaches.

History of the beach dated back to the 1950s and is created by the owner Dillingham Dredging Company. As he dumped his dredged sand in the park, converting it into a beach. Outer shallow reefs act as a barrier and protect the AlaMoana beach.

Visitors can enjoy activities like swimming, paddle boarding here, and all the credit goes to its calm waters. Besides, they can also enjoy picnics and long strolls along the water. Visitors can also learn swimming here. It is advised to swimmers to stay close to the beach, whereas buoys present near reef mark area for stand-up paddle boards.

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3.     Waimea Beach

Are your interests in cliff jumping? Then head to Waimea Beach. Present between Haleiwa and Pupukeia in a little bay on the north coast of Oahu Waimea Beach is famous for cliff jumping. Head up your adrenaline level by jumping from a cliff, or you can say a big rock.

Its water remains calm and flat during summer moths. Therefore, there is no problem in cliff jumping from here as no big wave is present to bamboozle. However, the situation is different in winters. Pro surfers also came here to enjoy riding on the famous waves.

This beach is also known as “Da Big Rock.” If you do not want to swim, you can enjoy other visitors enjoy swimming while sitting at the Waimea Beach Park or can witness the daredevil show of the surfers. Give yourself a retreat atone of its food trucks here.


4.     Sandy Beach

Next in the list is the Sandy Beach and is famous for its lovely name. Is its sand any different from other Oahu’s beaches we do not know? This beach is famous among locals for its big waves, which are crashing aggressively near the shore, making it a perfect spot for surfing and boogie boarding.

Keep in mind that its waves are not something anyone can tackle, especially beginners. Therefore it is recommended for beginners to avoid surfing here. However, to provide safety, lifeguards are always present here. The best part of this south shore is that it invites a few guests, which means one can easily find time for themselves here.

Keep in mind to take all the precautionary measures before visiting the sandy beach to avoid any unpleasant accident and spend a beautiful and exciting time here, enjoying the beach, ocean, and sand.


5.     Kailua Beach

Present at a small distance from Honolulu Kailua Beach is nestled in the windward sides of Oahu. Beach features a Kailua public park with amenities like picnic tables, volleyball courts, several food stands, and restrooms. Park sprawl on an area of 30 acres.

This beach is popular among tourists for offering several water activities like sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming, and diving. The main plus of visiting here is that it is not much crowded during weekdays. Therefore, you can easily find some good private spot to spend quality time alone.

All along the beach, there are numerous shops offering sports equipment. Whereas other adventure lover travelers can visit the neighboring islands by kayaking. Visitors can also enjoy local dishes at a restaurant here.


6.     Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach is present in the town of Kailua Lanikai and is famous for its natural beauty. This half-mile-long strip of beach is famous for its golden sand. Visitors can also access the beach through a small path between the residential properties. Lanikai Beach is public property; therefore, it doesn’t have any park, restrooms, or lifeguards here.

At weekends this place gets crowded as it offers a spectacular view of the small islands. Due to featuring incredible beauty of surroundings, it is the best spot for taking photos. So never forget to bring your camera here.

Visitors can also enjoy kayaking here. Small islands act as a bird sanctuary featuring vast wildlife birds. Water remains calm here due to the presence of offshore beach.


7.     Sunset Beach

Another famous beach on Oahu is Sunset Beach and is present on the north shore. It stretches on a two-mile-long distance and is famous for surfing. Its highlighting feature is its dramatically different conditions that are dependent on the season.Like in winters, its dangerous waves stop armatures from going near water besides professional swimmers.

However, its water remains calm and flat in summers making it a perfect spot for families to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. It’s another attraction that involves its beautiful crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. You can also enjoy one of the most scenic drives along Kamehameha Highway.

Another honor Sunset Beach has under its name is that it is one of the three-place where crown surfing contest is held in the world. And finally, the best place to watch the sunset as its name indicates.

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8.     Makua Beach

Can you think of a beach in Hawaii with no tourists? Is it sound strange; however, Makua Beach is an actual illustration of all this. It is one of the best beaches on Oahu, and the credit goes to its extreme seclusion and serenity. Therefore it is the best spot to enjoy BBQ with your friends near the ocean on the golden sand and have an excellent time here.

While your journey to the beach from the remote Kaena Point on Oahu’s west coast, you will get shrills and will feel like you are going to the middle of nowhere. And the surprising thing is that it is not wrong at all.

Besides being a quiet and secluded place, this beach is full of natural beauty and amazing landscapes that collectively make it a picturesque place. Waianae Mountain Range further enhances its beauty by giving it a look of Land Before Time.


9.    Hanauma Bay

Another name in the list of best beaches is Hanauma Bay nestled at a small distance from downtown Honolulu. For its preservation purpose, the management of this aquatic state park sets strict rules. It is one of Oahu’s popular tourist destinations famous for offering the best snorkeling beach.

Originally this bay is created as a result of a volcanic explosion in the form of a horseshoe shape. The presence of the coral reef in its shallow water makes it a great snorkeling spot. Beach features everything from green sea turtles to tropical fishes. This famous bay is given the status of a natural reserve.

All of the famous Waikiki resort offers a day trip to the Hanauma Bay. Besides, visitors can also stay at The Kahala Hotel and Resort present just at a five-mile distance.


10.   Diamond Head Beach Park

Ending our list with the Diamond Head Beach Park sprawl on two acres in the east of Waikiki. Visitors can also enjoy a spectacular and ancient extinct volcano crater at the foot of Diamond Head Beach Park.

It is not a good place for swimming; however, tourists can enjoy surfing here. And when waves are low, you can also enjoy snorkeling due to the presence of several tidal pools resulting in an excellent display of colorful fish.

The presence of the rugged cliffs and rocky shelf gives a beautiful appearance to the beach, making it an excellent spot for taking pictures.


The list mentioned above will help all of you to spot the best beaches in Oahu during your trip to Hawaii and find out the beach that best suits your taste.

Image Source: Lanikai Beach/ tomas del amo – shutterstock

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