15 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Best Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is among those places that are never in short of fabulous islands and beaches. It has every option for everyone. From an intimidate islands to interactive family-friendly islands, from luxurious to affordable ones, there is nothing in which the Caribbean lacks.

We prepare a list of best islands you can visit in the Caribbean.


15 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Here is a list of 15 best Caribbean Islands to visit:

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is the first name on our list and is one of the most popular Caribbean Islands. It is famous for its powdery white sand, which stretches along the Seven Mile Beach, past the Negril cliff and through the Montego Bay.

In simple words, the most highlighting feature of the beach is its white sand. Tourists can also explore a famous James Bond beach here which led the way to the Ocho Rios jungle boasting coconut palms, mangrove, and tamarind.

The mighty Blue Mountains are present in the east, offering a beautiful sight and scenic view. Visitors can also visit the birthplace of Bob Marley in Nine Mile.


2. Cayman Islands

Next in the list is the Cayman Islands and is one of the popular Caribbean getaways when it comes to relaxation with a little touch of adventure.  Never miss an opportunity to let yourself amazed by the mesmerizing sight of coral reefs and shipwrecks here.

For both newlywed couples and adults with family, it is one of the best vacation options. For intimidate and exciting time, choose 200 years old Mastic Trail or for an interactive time with family visit Stingray city.

Tourists can find plenty of excellent resorts, cafes, and restaurants here.


3. Cuba

Everyone is familiar with Cuba or have heard about it somewhere. Due to its political movement and tempestuous past Cuba always remain in the news and gain attention. However, all of this is in the past as now Cuba is trying to loosen up restrictions on traveling.

And the best part is it is no shortage of options and things you can enjoy here. The main highlight of Cuba is its capital at Havana, full of vintage charm and glamour.

It offers the best beaches at Varadero, picturesque, and breathtaking scenery at the Karst Mountains and panoramic landscape in the Vinales Valley.


4. U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Island also makes an attractive choice in Caribbean Island and is famous as each island offers something unique and exciting to its visitors. Due to its uniqueness and variation among islands, it is known as Rock City.

St. Thomas is famous for its luxury in every aspect, from large luxurious stores to the mega yachts. Similarly, St. John is renowned for its honeymoon trips sprawls on more than 7,000 parkland and full of natural views. Or St. Croix is popular due to its cane plantation.

In short, it is the Caribbean Paradise full of surprises for its visitors and travelers. It is the best place to enjoy moko jumbies dance or enjoy a saltfish pate.


5. Dominican Republic

Another incredibly beautiful Caribbean Island is the Dominican Republic famous for its swaying palms and rugged cliffs.

You will be awe-struck by its fabulous view with the Los Haitises rugged cliffs in the east to Sierra de Bahoruco dusty trailheads in the west, boasting Puerto Plata surfing hotspots in the north and the Santa Domingo urban sprawl in the south.

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It is full of surprises and beautiful views at every corner. Relax at its luxurious spots, or wander in the fishing towns and salt-washed cays. Tourists can also enjoy hiking here at the Enriquillo Valley and Armando Bermudez.


6. The Bahamas

The Bahamas island of Caribbean sprawls on 470,000 square km and is present between the northern Cuba beaches and Lucayan isles. The Bahamas also serve the purpose of connecting the Caribbean with the U.S. coastal.

History of the Bahamas dated back to the 18th century, where it is joined with the commonwealth. British also made a colony here and left the place with the neoclassic look of its parliament and juggernaut walls of the fort.

It offers incredible activities to everyone, including Grand Bahamas reefs for ecotourists to Long Island inlets for beach hunting and sport fishers, and divers can visit coral gardens of Bimini.


7. Turks & Caicos

If you want to spend some time away from the hectic and the hustle and bustle of the city, visit Turks & Caicos. It is not much inhabited with the spectacular display of white sand washed by the shimmery azure water, beautiful coral reefs with a lighthearted atmosphere.

Although the 2017 hurricane drastically impacted the island however much of its impact is recovered now.

You can enjoy luxurious hotels here or visit the Turk &Caicos Museum. For the best diving experience, visit salt Cays.


8. Anguilla

Anguilla is another name in our bucket list and is worthy of visiting due to its authenticity and charm. Before visiting Anguilla, keep in mind that there are restrictions on the cruise ships, casinos, and high rise hotels.

However, apart from this, you can find plenty of beachfront villas, coral-filled water, and unpaved roads, and that is its biggest charm. Don’t worry; there are plenty of tourist pampering options from lavish resorts to the sophisticated dining options.

In Anguilla Island, there is plenty of limestone and coral.


9. St. Barts

One of the most luxurious and in vogue beaches in the Caribbean is the St. Barts due to which it is not in the range of the middle class. However no need to get disheartened as if you plan your trip with proper care you can enjoy a wonderful trip here.

And the best part is its all 14 beaches are open to public and accessible. Those who are in search of Euro-themed paradise it is the best place and offers several relaxation options.

It is simply Caribbean, one of the most glamorous islands reclaimed her throne.


10. Haiti

If you are more into adventure than luxury resorts and cocktails, than Haiti is your option. This fantastic island is something more than the majestic suites and designer bags.

Devastating earthquake troubled the island; however, Haiti still owns its charm and beauty. Besides, there is no change in the rugged cliffs, palm-fringed beaches, and turquoise blue waters.

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It is still full of surprises. Visit CitadelleLaferriere fort or go to Cape-Haitien pirate retreats of Tortuga. No doubt, Haiti is one of the top draws.


11. Cayman Islands

This amazing sun-kissed island is nestled between Cuba and Jamaica. Famous for its hospitality, sea turtles, multi-shaded iguanas, ghost orchids, and Caribbean Sea edge Cayman Island has its unique charm and aura.

There is a lot of tourists who can do here like they can spend some quality time at the gorgeous beaches from seven miles on Grand Cayman to the little Cayman Brac. Or they can spend time exploring the formidable fort of St. James Castle.

Besides, there is also a museum exhibiting in British maritime history. Enjoy stingray view in the Stingray City, whereas night time is for hedonism.


12. Guadeloupe

How can anyone forget Guadeloupe? Do not miss an opportunity to soak in its sun and splendor. It is undoubtedly different from other Caribbean gateways, and you will instantly feel when you visit here that this place holds a special je ne sais quoi aura.

There are two different islands here, including Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre, both of which form a butterfly together. White and black sand beaches of Guadeloupe extend to meet the calm turquoise water atone side and verdant forest at another side.

Its main charm lies in the raw natural beauty and rustic elegance. Island has much to offer to its visitors and is full of picturesque views.


13. Grenada

Next is Grenada. Your trip to Grenada will be all about the exhibit of red, yellow, and green, unlike any other island, which is about hotels and luxuries. Its St. George harbor is the most beautiful one in the Caribbean.

Your trip to Grenada will be full of natural surprises where you can enjoy the soulful sound of waves lapping against its soft glittery sand, which can echoes long in your ears once the sunsets.

Its famous nutmeg and vanilla are worth to die for, and everyone should try it. Grenada is among those places that are not meant to be seen; in fact, they are to be savored.


14. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico came in limelight when its resident Lin-Manuel Miranda performed for the first time in Hamilton. Till then, people started to recognize this place and admire its charm.

And its popularity rises to the sky as it is the fifth most booked tourist destination in spring breaks. This place is rich in history, Latin culture, and legends of pirates.

Tourists love to explore its old forts, including Castillo San Felipe del Moro and Castillo de San Cristobal, which has a spectacular history back to the 16th century.


15. Aruba

The last name we have on our list is the Aruba, which is much similar to its neighbors. It is a gem-shaped island present in the south of the region and shares much closeness with the mainland.

It has a calm, steady and warm weather which is perfect for vacations. As a result of which tourists can witness a steady stream of snowbirds from the U.S.

It has a dusty desert-like interior with the presence of the Haystack Mountains.


According to us, these are the 15 best Caribbean islands. I hope you find the article useful and informative.

Image Source: © Anna Jedynak/ Shutterstock

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