15 Best Things to Do in Boston

Best Things to Do in Boston

Boston is one of the most historic cities and is founded in 1630. Unlike any other big cities in the US, Boston is a collection of small towns with its unique and novel feel.

The role of Boston is undeniable in the American Revolution and is home to many excellent universities and colleges in the country.

There are plenty of things tourists can do here, and the best part is most of them are free. So let’s together explore the best things to do in Boston.


15 Best Things to Do in Boston

Here is a list of 15 best things to do in Boston:

1. Little Italy

The northern end of Boston is known as Little Italy due to its brick streets and the ancient world vibes. The area showcases some of the most historic buildings here, including the Paul Reverse House and Old North Church from 1600 and 1700 century, respectively.

A large number of Italian immigrants settle here; consequently, tourists can see robust Italian vibes. It is not less than a heaven for sweet tooth as there are plenty of restaurants, bakeries, and vendors whose significant products are olives, olive oil, pasta, and coffee. Enjoy Feast of St. Anthony in August.


2. Boston Public Garden

The charismatic Boston Public Garden with a magnificent view and lush green scenery was opened in 1634 and gave intense Victorian vibes. Garden proudly showcases 80 different species of local and foreign plants.

Tourists can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the statues spread throughout the garden. Among which the most noticeable one is the statue of George Washington, whereas there are plenty of fun characters as well as characters from jungle books and make way for ducklings.

Besides stroll around the winding pathways, plants, and swan boats.


3. Beacon Hill

If you want to feel the historic vibes, noother place is as right as Beacon Hill. It is one of the high in-demand neighborhoods in Boston featuring federal style houses, brick sidewalks, and narrow streets.

Bring your camera to capture the beauty of Acorn Street, showcasing gas lamps, and cobblestone streets are its significant charm. Exotic display of flowers in summers and incredible green frames in winters adds beauty to this place.


4. Arnold Arboretum

The stunning Arnold Arboretum sprawls over 260 acres and is open to the public all day. With its lush green gardens, opulent lawn, best running trails, and the marvelous display of the tons of flowers are its highlighting features.

It boasts a mesmerizing variety of plants here and is famous for its quiet and tranquil environment making it the best place to restore your energies and feel close to nature.

You can enjoy activities like hiking and biking here besides plenty of activities for kids.


5. New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium is honored to be the largest aquarium in marine conservation and ocean exploration. Each year almost 1.3 million tourists visit here. Apart from its entertainment purpose, it also serves on educational and learning goals as it depicts a beautiful collection of marine life.

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It features an amazing marine life from the stingrays to little sharks and from horseshoe crabs to starfish. The most noticeable exhibit of the aquarium is the penguin, which is popular among kids. It is the best thing to do with kids in Boston.


6. Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of fine art is one of the most regarded museums and has a massive contribution towards securing and exhibiting ancient art. It started its function in 1876, with more than 5,500 objects on display.

One can find the spectacular art pieces from centuries ago from ancient Egypt times topresent-day art. Because it depicts artwork of more than a century, therefore, covering the entire museum in one day is not possible.

It displays the work of Singleton Copley, Winslow Homer, and John Singer Sargent.


7. Boston Harbor Islands

It would be unfair to miss a visit to the harbor Island. It is present on a short ferry ride from Boston. The best time to visit the island is between May and October.

The major attractions of the harbor island include beaches, old forts, and the oldest light station, whereas tourists can also enjoy live music, camping, and many other activities here. Tourists love to visit Georges and Spectacle Island here.


8. Room Escapers

Room escaper is a highly recommended thing to do in Boston. One of the most thrilling, novel, and fun things to enjoy with your family and friends is room escapers. It is a 60-minute activity full of thrill and fun.

You have to solve puzzles using your talent and clues, which hinted towards real events that happened in New England. Subsequently, it is a fun learning exercise as well where one can learn about important events of history.

It is an interactive activity, and it is the best thing to spend your time with.


9. Walk along the Freedom Trail

To know the real Boston and understands its diversity, culture, and customs, the best thing is to walk along the freedom trail. It would be a great idea to stroll on the freedom trail and visit its historical landmarks.

It is 2.5 miles long trail containing red bricks offering a magnificent sight to 16 best attractions of the city. Old North Church, Paul Reverse House, Faneuil Hall, Bunker Hill Monument, and Kings Chapel are to name few.


10.  Faneuil Hall

Unlike its name, Faneuil Hall is not a hall but a marketplace. Created in 1742 and serves the purpose of a meeting place and market both. However, the fire took place in 1761, which burned the original building but rebuilt again.

It consists of Faneuil Hall, North Market, Quincy Market, and South Market, all of which are present in the cobblestone walkway. Marketplace witness some of the nation’s best speeches to this date.

Tourists can witness plenty of buskers, shops, and restaurants here and can also enjoy paintings of famous Americans.


11.  Back Bay

Next comes the Back Bay in our bucket list with a starting point from the Charles River to offer a spectacular view of its historic neighborhood. It would be one of the best things to enjoy a quiet stroll on Commonwealth Avenue.

Let yourself drown in the beauty of brownstones showcasing tree-lined street modeled. When you further walk into the south, visit Newbury and Boylston streets. You can also take free tours.

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Apart from the fact that you are a shopaholic or not, it would worth to visit Boston Versions of New York’s 5th Avenue. Visit plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques.


12.  Boston Public Library

The best place to visit for any book lover to quench their thirst for knowledge is the Boston Public Library. Never underestimate a visit to the library in Boston. It is present in Copley Square and is built-in 1895.

It is not less than a treasure hidden behind the closed doors and showcase a spectacular display of John Singer Sargent.

Besides other features of the library includes the nine muses of French artist Puvis de Chavannes, Edwin Abbey’s mural of the Holy Grail legend. Visit the Bates Hall, which is 218 feet long with the reading room of a 50-foot high barrel arch ceiling.


13.  The Mapparium

The Mapparium is one of its kind and unique attractions built-in 1935 by Rand McNally. It is a three-story building that is built like a glass globe from inside. It serves the purpose of depicting the exact geographical relationship between countries.

As a result of which it has a mirror image design with the concave reversal of the earth, which is easily seen from inside. Besides fun, it would be a great learning experience for everyone in the family.

Tourists can also have an opportunity to learn about the changes like the country’s name of Siam, and the USSR is long gone.


14.  The Museum of Science

Another name in our list of the best things to do in Boston is the Museum of Science. For those who are interested in science, it is like a little heaven. You can visit with your kids as well.

The museum showcases more than 700 interactive pieces and several live presentations, as well. What makes it different is the presence of Mugar Omani Theater and Charles Hayden Planetarium.

Hence there are several things to do here and make the best use of your time. For other activities for your kids, you can visit the Association of Zoo and Aquariums featuring more than 100 animals.


15.  Fenway Park Tour

Lastly, we have Fenway Park, which is known as the oldest park in the Major Leagues. It is present in Boston Red Sox and is famous with the name of Green Monster due to its unique shape, size, age, and location.

At one time, it can only contain 40,000 people is honored to host the World Series ten times. Apart from its undeniable contribution to baseball, soccer, and hockey, it is also a part of many political and religious campaigns.


To avoid any problem later, it would be best to plan your trip. I hope that after reading our article, you have a clear idea of what you want to do in Boston during your trip.

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