15 Best Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

Best Things to Do in Denver

Denver is also commonly known as Mile High City, as it is only one mile above the sea. It offers a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains to amazing museums, luxury hotels, and many other thrilling activities.

Let’s together dig into the best things to do in Denver.


15 Best Things to Do in Denver Colorado

Here is a list of 15 best things to do in Denver, Colorado:


1. Denver Mountain Parks and Red Rocks Amphitheater

Starting with the Denver Mountains Park, which sprawls on 14,000 acres. These are the unique Rocky Mountains. It was created in 1914 to protect the nature and scenic land of the city.

The US Congress took the initiative for the sake of future generations. Park features plenty of popular tourist attractions, including Red Rock Amphitheater, Buffalo Bill’s Grave, and Summit Lake.

Apart from enjoying its beautiful sight and scenic view, visitors can also enjoy other activities as well. Tourists can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing, camping, and can see buffalo herd grazing.


2. Washington Park

The next name is the Washington Park nestled in the south of central Denver. Ample facilities and the enjoyable serene atmosphere of the park are the main reason behind its popularity.

Covers an area of 165 acres park features two beautiful lakes, jogging paths, and a swath of lush green gardens. It is one of the best spots to spend a fantastic weekend.

Besides, there is also eight tennis court in the park, rental boats and a recreation center with a pool and fitness classes. The best things are there is no entry fee for the park.


3. Denver Botanic Gardens

If you are a nature lover and are in search of some serene and charismatic natural place, then visit Denver Botanic Gardens. It is present in Cheesman Park. The main highlights of the park are its amazing themed gardens, glass-enclosed conservatory, and an amphitheater.

It is present in three different locations one is in East Denver York Street and is a formal one. The other two are in natural meadows in Chatfield gardens and alpine wildflower garden. York street garden boasts the largest collection of cold temperature plants.

Besides it also has a Japanese garden, Mordecai children garden and Dryland Mesa.


4. Denver Art Museum

Denver art museum is another popular tourist attraction showcasing more than 70,000 art pieces. It exhibits artwork of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Winslow Homer.

It depicts one of the best art collection in town and is consist of two buildings. Visitors can enjoy exhibits from pre-Columbian artifacts to modern displays. The two most common forms of art here include paintings and sculptures.

Enjoy a spectacular display of art pieces from western American art. You can also buy some souvenirs for your loved ones from the museum gift shop.


5. ChoLon, Denver

How anyone can miss an opportunity of fine dining during their trip to Denver, Colorado. If you are from Asia or a fan of Asian food, then a visit to ChoLon is a must thing to do in Denver.

Present in the Lodo street ChoLon is an award-winning Asian restaurant by Chef Lon Symensma. ChoLon means a large market.

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Although their main flavor is Asian, still they serve Asian food and cuisines with some twist making your experience an unforgettable one. A complimentary drink is also served with the food.


6. Denver Zoo

Denver zoo is the best thing to do in Denver with kids. It boasts more than 4,000 animals. Tigers, kangaroos, orangutans and black rhinos are, to name a few. It covers an entire area of 80 acres.

Visitors can enjoy a different species of animals divided into different sections, from wild predators to reptiles and birds. Visit the recreated African savanna to enjoy an excellent sight of the hyenas, African dogs, lions, monkeys.

Besides, you can also enjoy colorful golden frogs and green tree pythons. Enjoy a trip to the zoo by hopping on the zoo’s train and carousel.


7. Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium Tour

People in Denver loves football, and therefore, Mile High Stadium in Denver is a replica of the original stadium and is built in its memory. The stadium is a depiction of amazing art glass along with the steel and aluminum structure.

It can host 76,000 people at one time and is a famous international sort venue. Avail a guided tour to make your trip information as well and learn about the incredible feat of engineering.

The features of the stadium include Colorado sports hall of fame museum, NFL visiting team lockers, thunder’s stall, executives suites, and television compounds, and broadcasting facilities.


8. Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum is an honor in the memory of Molly Brown, a great American philanthropist, activist, socialites, and, most importantly, a titanic survivor. Now his house is turned into a museum and is given a status of historic places.

House was originally built in the 1880s by William Lang. The house is also famous with another name, “The House of Lions.” The museum features the Victorian Denver theme along with the exhibition of the English Baroque architecture of Queen Anne.

Guided tours are available to throw a complete light on the history of Denver. Museum also hosted many workshops and events to preserve the history of American first philanthropist.


9. Denver Climbing Company

Are you looking for something adventurous in Denver? Then what are you waiting for you? Visit the Denver climbing company to not only learn about climbing with your family but also spend some quality time here.

Apart from providing rock climbing instructions, they alsooffer guided tours. All their guides are extremely professional to make sure your safety with fun.

Do not worry. They also cater to the needs of kids, beginners, and even experienced climbers. Spend some of the fantastic time of your life climbing Denver hills and make lifelong memories.


10.  American Museum of Western Art

Another excellent place for those interested in history and art is the American Museum of Western Art. Even those who are not much into art should visit this place due to its incredible exhibits and charm.

The main focus of the museum is in the depiction of early western life, especially the one in the 1800s. However, it just doesn’t end here. They represent the western life till now how it evolved with time.

The museum throws light on the history, character, and the beauty of western life through art exhibits. Both the option of the guided and self-guided tour is available. The museum features displays of Bierstadt, Maynard Dixon, Russell, Thomas Moran, and Remington.


11.  Larimer Square

One of the highly recommended thing in Denver is the walk-in its historic Larimer Square. Its history rooted back to the 19th century when the main popularity of Denver is its gold.

Square holds the honor of being the first for many things like the first bank, first bookstore, first dry goods store, first theater, and also the first post office of the city.

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Although square still proudly holds some old buildings, many new buildings are also as beautiful as old ones. Tourists can find many excellent shops, restaurants, and gift shops here.


12.  Colorado State Capitol

Undoubtedly Colorado state capitol is one of the best tourist attractions in Denver. This historically and officially important building is home to the Colorado General Assembly and governor office as well and is built in the 1890s.

At just one look, you will understand its similarity to the US capitol in Washington. This neoclassic building uses white granite with the golden dome. Never forget to bring your camera to capture this moment.


13. Union Station

Don’t get confused about why you should visit a train station. Union Station is a historic station rebuilt in 1914 when it was destroyed in a fire in 1894. After a redevelopment, its upper portion is turned into a luxury hotel.

It features bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops, whereas its hall is transformed into Denver’s living room. It is a perfect place for fine dining.

Besides, it is also a fully functional transportation hub.


14. The Children’s Museum of Denver

To keep your children engaged, visit The Children’s Museum of Denver for some fun and interactive learning excitingly. Unlike its name, museums also offer activities for everyone and people of all ages.

It was created in 1973 and indicated plays capes to empower kid-powered learning. The main exhibits of the museum are The Big Backyard, The Assembly Plant and Fire Station 1.

The museum offers learning opportunities for kids, along with fun and entertainment. It also hosts many events and workshops for kids.


15. Rocky Mountain Hot Air

Rocky Mountain Hot Air is the last thing in our list of best things in Denver. Don’t miss an opportunity to reach the skies of Denver and have an aerial view of the city.

These hot air balloon trips are for everyone. Anyone above five can enjoy these hot air balloon trips. The best part is once you safely land, you will receive a certificate of ascent and a pin.


I hope you like the article and find it helpful in deciding the best things you can do in Denver, Colorado.

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