15 Best Things to Do in San Antonio

Best Things to Do in San Antonio

At the southwest corner of Texas, the incredible and beautiful city of San Antonio is present. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

If you are planning your visit to San Antonio, there are plenty of fantastic tourist attractions here, from Spanish missions to some great museums. Enjoy incredible performances at its majestic theater.

Or you can relax at some beautiful natural sites or in parks with fantastic beauty. Continue with us to find some of the best things to do in San Antonio.


15 Best Things to Do in San Antonio

Here is a list of 15 best things to do in San Antonio:

1. The San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio river walk is the tourist’s favorite and the must thing to here. The beauty of this place lies in its stone walkways and restaurants and shops present in line at the side of the San Antonio River.

San Antonio River flows from the center of the city and offers a mesmerizing view. Tourists love to visit this fantastic place due to its calm and tranquil water, graceful bridges, beautiful birds, and towering trees present at the bank of the river.

Talk a stroll here while enjoying the beauty of this place or dine at one of its restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal. The best thing to do here is to enjoy a cruise dinner.

Slowly moving over calm and glittery water under the moonlight and enjoining delicious food while looking at the start is one of the best experiences of your life.


2. San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio Museum of Art is the best place for all history lovers to quench their thirst for knowledge. Museum gives a sneak peek of time back to the 5,000 years and also provides an overview of the different cultures.

It is one of the top things to do in San Antonio and is highly recommended. The highlight of the museum is its fabulous collection of Latin American, Asian, and Ancient Mediterranean Art.

The building of the museum was once the Lone Star Brewery now turned into a museum. It also exhibits a fantastic collection of contemporary and oceanic art. Museum also arranges several programs for adults and children for informative purposes.


3. Natural Bridge Caverns & the Canopy Challenge and Zip Lines

Natural Bridge Caverns are a unique depiction of natural beauty and will spell-bound you by its charm and elegance. These are the largest commercial caves in Texas State.

Their main highlighting features are its large and spacious rooms; however, it has narrow passages with some exciting formation. You choose from the self-guided or guided tour and go with the option that best suits you.

Tourists can enjoy several thrilling and exciting things here, including canopy challenge and zip-lining. For young children, they can enjoy sky tykes.

Gem and fossil mining experience is another great thing to do here where participants can learn about mining.


4. Japanese Tea Garden

The next name in our bucket list of fun things to do in San Antonio is the Japanese Tea Garden. For some relaxing and comfortable thing to do in San Antonio, the Japanese Tea Garden is the best option.

Tourists love this place due to its tranquil, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, picturesque view, and a beautiful sight which serve as a cherry on the cake to the eyes of tourists. The best part is it is free to place to visit.

It is a rocky pit which I later transformed into a garden. Its noticeable features include exotic plants, ponds with koi, stony pavilion, and waterfalls. And you can give yourself a retreat at its jingo house restaurants.


5. San Antonio Missions

San Antonio Mission is a historic national park. It is just at a three miles distance from the San Antonio downtown. Park is mainly divided into four sections or missions hence named San Antonio Mission.

Its four missions include San Jose, San Juan, Espada, and Concepcion. Missions were built as part of Spanish expansion from Mexico to the north. Center point of the missions is the Catholic Church, and they were built as Indian towns.

Because Spanish were trying at the time to convert Indians into catholic to make them part of the Spanish colony.

Apart from its historical ruins, you can also found many other things in the park-like mill at mission San Jose or the 270 years old irrigation system of Espada.


6. The Alamo

In the downtown of San Antonio tourists can find the famous The Alamo. It is nestled in the Alamo plaza and is a central tourist attraction for more than 2.5 million tourists each year.

This renowned complex is a site for many famous historical events in the history of Texas. It’s the place where the first Spanish colonization is established, and at the same place, Mexican independence took place are some of the essential historical events that happen here.

The most noticeable feature of the place is a small band of Texans, including David Crockett, James Bowie, and William Travis. And the entry here is free.


7. SeaWorld San Antonio

If you want to get closer to marine life, than visit SeaWorld San Antonio. It is a complete thrilling packed theme park with its world inside. Tourists can have a chance to look closely at the dolphins, penguins, and polar bears.

Besides a cute dolphin-like side of the marine life, tourists can also have splashed by the killer whales. Get your adrenaline level high by enjoying thrilling rides. Enjoy rides like The Great White ride, which rotates at 360 degrees or sit in the Steel Eels with a 15-story vertical drop.

Besides, you can also enjoy the coaster ride journey to Atlantis or the Rio Loco. This is not the end; there are also many great options for younger people and children as well.


8. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

The best thing to do with your family in San Antonio is to go out with them for a safari. Do not get confused. We are talking about a safari in Texas, yes, in Texas.

Natural bridge wildlife has almost 500 animals, and the best thing is it does not have any predator. It contains more than 40 different species of animals and sprawl on 400 acres of land best suitable for wildlife.

It is a fun drive-through safari where you can witness animals freely roaming. It will be a delightful experience for kids looking at the zebra or big birds like emu or ostrich.


9. McNay Art Museum

Another historical area of interest in San Antonio is the McNay Art Museum. It has the honor of being the first modern art museum in Texas. The museum brings back the time of Spanish colonization as it revived their architecture.

Marion Koogler McNay was its owner. There are more than 20,000 objects of contemporary art on display here, which includes some of the finest contemporary art and sculptures in the US.

French architect Jean-Paul built another area in the museum in 2008 to exhibit a modern collection of Jean and Arthur.

Tourists from around the globe came to visit this museum, especially to learn about the European and American contemporary art of the 19th and 20th centuries.


10.  Majestic Theatre

Are you a big fan of performing and any form of it? Then don’t forget to visit Majestic Theater to enjoy mesmerizing performances. It features broadways show, concerts, comedians, and other events.

Enjoy the genre which you like and make your time in San Antonio more exciting and full of fun. The spectacular and incredibly beautiful building of the theater is present in the downtown of San Antonio.

Its building displayed a Spanish Mediterranean style and was built in 1929. However, it stopped function in 1979 to undergo some renovation, after which it was again open for the public in 1989.

Every corner of the building praises its glory even the decorative objects bring the building back to its original glory.


11.  Fiesta San Antonio

Fiesta San Antonio is the annual celebration of San Antonio, which is a ten-day-long celebration that occurs in the spring season. If you are visiting San Antonio, then it is the best thing to do in San Antonio in spring.

Never miss this fantastic opportunity to enjoy this tremendous celebration of different proportions. It features incredible parades and events like the famous battle of flower parade.

You will feel like the entire city spreads electric vibes of happiness and joy. Everyone decorates their properties, including houses, stores, or restaurants. Everyone tries to collect, trade, and wear metal pins. While a king and queen are also chosen among the people based on the charity they collected.


12. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta is one of the best and popular show park in San Antonio. It sprawls on 200 acres and features amazing events and rides for everyone and all ages.

If you like thrilling and exciting rides, then you can enjoy Rattler and Goliath roller coaster, if you are with your family, you can enjoy Roadhouse country show or Lone star night lasers.

For your little one, they can enjoy zoom jets and Buckaroos if you want the most exciting and thrilling ride to try Batman, which is the first 4D coaster in the world. In a simple world, everyone can find his area of interest here and can never be bored.

And finally give yourself a retreat at some fantastic restaurant here where you can find Asian, American or Italian food easily.


13.  Culinary Boot Camps & Cooking Classes

San Antonio offers the best culinary classes in the world. Therefore if you want to increase your kitchen skills, you can never get an opportunity like this again. San Antonio contains one of three culinary institutes of America.

So you can easily get an idea of the culinary skills they are going to teach you. They offer unique cooking classes to make you a better cook. As a tourist, you can join there boot camps of three to five days long.

Where you can have a chance to learn from baking to cooking, however, it depends on which type of cooking you want to learn. You can learn from basics to complex cooking whatever you want.


14.  Morgan’s Wonderland

Another name in our bucket list is Morgan’s Wonderland, which is an amusement park. From children to adults, it caters to the need and interests of everyone.

It is a limestone pit turned into a wonderful park just like its name and spreads on an area of 25 acres. It contains 25 different attractions.

It was developed by Gordon Hartman, who specially designed it by taking inspiration from his daughter with a cognitive delay problem. Therefore it is one of its king parks.

Each year millions of tourists came here to spend some of the best time. People with special needs have free admission, whereas others have to pay the entry fee.


15.  Historic Market Square

The last thing on our list is Historic Market Square. It is the largest Mexican market in the US where you can find unique and unusual items and souvenirs.it consist of three blocks where you can find plenty of shops.

Tourists can everything here, ranging from sombreros to pottery. You can find incredible artworks and other unusual items, including blankets, jewelry, dresses, shoes, instruments, and much more.

Once you are done with shopping, relax at the Mi Tierra Café Y Panaderia to give yourself and your loved ones a retreat. It is opened 24 hours a day and is the best place to enjoy Mexican food.

You can also enjoy some fantastic music pieces from strolling musicians.


I am sure now you have many things to do on your list for your next trip to San Antonio. It is always better to plan your trip.

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