15 Best Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle is famous for its amazingly diverse population, excess public parks, and blossoming neighborhoods. From the vastness of Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains, there is a lot that can catch your attention.

It’s a promise you won’t get bored in Washington’s largest city. Drown yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the exciting city of Seattle.


15 Best Things to Do in Seattle

Here is a list of 15 best things to do in Seattle:

1.     Space Needle

Let’s start our list with some historic and one of the best tourist attractions in Seattle space needle. It is considered as the timeless symbol for the city, which has given a status of the city’s landmark. In 1962 it was the tallest building in the town with a height of 158 meters.

It is highly recommended for all visitors to go up to its observation deck using a glass elevator to have a unique and mesmerizing view of the city. Enjoy a spectacular site of Seattle towers, Mount Rainier, an island on Puget Sound and the Cascade and Olympic Mountains from over the clouds.


2.     Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum spreads on an area of 23 acres and displays more than 5,500 different plant species from around the globe.

There are a lot of things to see here; however, the main highlight of arboretum is its Japanese garden. So it would be a great fun thing to visit it. The most noticeable feature of the garden is its copper-shingled tea house and 11-tier pagoda. Have some of the best moments by strolling in the azalea.

Besides, stroll in the Shoreline Trail and enjoy a wonderful sight of Lake Washington and Foster Island.


3.     Chihuly Garden and Glass

Those who love art and has an eye to praise excellent art piece should visit Chihuly Garden and Glass. Chihuly garden and glass is renowned for its fantastic glass sculptures and had earned worldwide recognition for Dale Chihuly.

This fabulous museum has eight galleries, an opulent garden, and the glasshouse, which are the unusual mainstay attractions. The biggest attraction of this dazzling museum is the glass and steel structures suspended in the air using yellow, red, orange, and amber shades that change its color throughout the day with light will leave all the visitors dumbstruck.

Filled yourself with astonishment while viewing the incredible work of Chihuly in eight galleries of the museum and enjoy nature in the garden with camellias, daylilies, fuchsias, and handkerchief trees.


4.     The Seattle Great Wheel

If you are looking for something exciting to do in Seattle, then you must enjoy Ferris wheel of height 175 foot. It is worth to sit in this wheel at least once and enjoy the great city of Seattle from an entirely different angle.

It is exciting yet the dreadful experience at the same time that will take your breath away; however, nothing can compare with this exhilarating experience. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay at day time or the dazzling and glittery city of Seattle at night.


5.     Ballard Locks

Another great thing to do in Seattle for all history lovers is to visit Ballard Locks. It was initially built by US marine cop to allow travel of water traffic between Lake Washington ship canal and Puget Sounds.

These historic locks had played a very vital role in the history of Seattle as they not only lower the level of water in Lake Washington and Lake Union, but they are also the cause to give rise to a new land on the lakefront.

For complete information visit its visitor center or enjoy the incredible view of locks by looking at the travelers and pleasure yachts. There is also a fish center on the southern side of locks.


6.     Pioneer Square

Next to do a thing in our bucket list is pioneer square, which is founded in 1852. Although the original building of pioneer square is replaced at the end of the 1990s. However, still, tourists can enjoy a sight of stately Romanesque Revival buildings.

It has an old-style edgy neighborhood, but it would worth to visit this astonishing ancient neighbor to praise its fabulous architect. Never miss an opportunity to have a splendid sight of excellent restaurants, cafes, book shops, and art galleries.

Visit its Beaux-Arts shelter whose highlight is its totem pole.


7.     Beneath the Streets Tour

One of the highly recommended things to do during your trip to Seattle is to visit beneath the street. Do not be surprised actually in menacing weather of the rainy city duck underground to freely roam in the subterranean passages.

Starting your trip from Cherry Street, you will view basements of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, Pioneer Square, and the remains of fancy architectural. It is a guided tour to shed light on the colorful history of Seattle.


8.     Seattle Aquarium

Seattle aquarium is present in pier 59 on the waterfront and ring up the curtain of the diverse marine life of Pacific Northwest. It flaunts the local pacific species, including lingcod, wolf eels, salmon, rockfish, and sea anemones.

The most noticeable feature of this fabulous aquarium is that it showcases three dive shows in a day. Where divers satisfy visitors by solving their queries, tourists can personally touch sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

It showcases all the marine life around Seattle inland and pacific coast.


9.     Kubota Garden

Visit Kubota Garden developed by the Japanese landscaper Fujitaro. He uses special time-honored Japanese techniques to the native plants and trees of the Pacific Northwest. It is one of its kind and unique garden which contains hills, valleys, streams, waterfalls, ponds, and rocky outcrops.

Garden covers an area of 20 acres and is a magnificent piece of Fujitaro loves for plants and nature. One of the new addition to the garden is by Fujitaro son Tom who added a stroll garden here with reflecting pond finely decorated with lanterns on its edge. You can also found 220 species of maple trees here.


10.    Bainbridge Island

I am sure many tourists love beaches and are genuinely a beach person for all of you. We added Bainbridge Island in our best things to do in the Seattle bucket list. Bainbridge Island is not only famous as being the gateway to Washington’s Olympics Peninsula but also has a lot tooffer to its visitors.

Visit Bainbridge Island Art Museum showcasing the work of local artists and craftspeople and throws light on the incredible art of the land. Or for a more in-depth insight into the history of the cute and charming Winslow visit Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. For something exciting, ride bikes on the island or enjoy excellent dining here in one of its sideliner dinners.


11.   Pike Place Market

The pike place market is present on the Elliot Bay waterfront and is famous for its fantastic proportions. An excellent history of the market dated back to 1907 when farmers stand here to sell seasonal produce. One can find here permanent stalls, fish market, specialty food stores, a craft market, and plenty of places to eat.

Wander around the market and let yourself get tempted by the aroma of baking bread, get lost in the retro décor shops, or browse collectibles. The pike place market is the best place to enjoy the local vibes of Seattle by walking in its winding alleys and stairways down to the lower levels.


12.    Museum of Pop Culture

Since 2000 Museum of Pop Culture is one of the biggest tourist attractions due to it’s unusual and zipped outlandish sheet-metal building. Till 2016 this museum is famous for experience music projects and as a science fiction museum; however, later, it was settled as a museum of pop culture.

Museum showcase changing exhibitions regularly to tackle all essential aspects of pop culture like video games, sci-fi literature, horror movie, or be it the music of all genres.

Besides, you can also find exhibits from the prince of Minneapolis with the purple outfit, prince guitar, and other prince related artifacts.


13.   Volunteer Park

In the beautiful and grandiose Volunteer Park, the magnificent building of the Asian Art Museum sits with all its elegance and charm. Art Deco-style building of the museum is finely tuned by two stone camels and Isamu Noguchi’s Black Sun sculpture.

Tourists can also visit Volunteer Park Conservatory, which is a glass greenhouse with a spectacular collection of cacti, bromeliads, orchids, and other rare plants. In summers tourists can enjoy the music of the 1932 bandshell in the park.

In parks north side Lake View cemetery exists, which contains the graves of Bruce Lee and his son.


14.   Dine at Top Restaurants

It would be unfair if you went on vacation and does not enjoy a local dining experience. Dine at one of the top restaurants in Seattle and enjoy their local food. If you are a real foodie, it is a must thing to do in Seattle.

There are plenty of options from which you can choose. You can have a majestic dining experience are Tom Douglas Etta Restaurant to enjoy the best seafood in town. Or go to Dalia Lounge famous for its outstanding services and offers a quintessential Seattle dining experience.

If you are more into casual and comfortable dining experience yet elegant at the same time, go to Dick’s Drive-In or Molly Moon.

15.    Fremont Troll

The last thing to do in Seattle on our list is Fremont Troll featuring Fremont Art Council commissioned. It is a public art space below the George Washington Memorial Bridge. Four local artists named Fremont Troll turned this place into a fantastic tourist attraction.

It features an iconic sculpture of 5.5 meters tall and contains 6 tons of concrete. It seems like that sculpture holds an actual Volkswagen Beetle in the left hand. The best part is you can climb up on the work.

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