10 Best Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous not only as of the capital of Thailand, but it has its unique charm, excitements, and fascination below its wings that it will take you to visit this spectacular place. It is famous that Bangkok city never goes to sleep.

Being a first-time visitor to Bangkok, it is best to make a list of the best things to do in Bangkok.


10 Best Things to Do in Bangkok

Here is a list of 10 best things to do in Bangkok:

1.     Visit the Grand Palace

Starting our list with the most famous tourist attraction in the Bangkok Grand Palace is a must place to visit during your Bangkok trip. Atone point in history, the palace was used as a king house and the place where all the essential government decisions are taken.

Sprawls on 214,000 sq. Meter visit to the Grand palace requires a full day to explore it’s all parts. You only have to pay an entrance fee, and there are not any other charges for visiting it. History of the palace dated back to 1782, and for that time onward up to 150 years palace serve as a Thai king house and the royal court.

Magnificence and glory of the palace stuck its visitors in awe. And tourists cannot help but praise its amazing architect, intricate details, and the creativity of artisans.


2.     Bangkok National Museum

Head to the Bangkok National Museum if you are interested in Thai history. Bangkok National Museum has the honor of being the largest Thai art museum having the largest artifact collection. King Rama V inaugurated this museum to showoff his father’s gifts and belongings.

Museum also has the honor of being the largest Southeast Asia museum. Tourists can find many interesting artifacts, including Chinese weapons, puppets, clothing, precious stones, and khon masks. Besides, they can also have a chance to look in the history of Thailand.

Through a visit to the national museum, tourists can have a better understanding of Thai culture, history, and art. For all non-Thai visitors, it is best to visit the museum on Thursdays as on Thursday they provide a tour in English. It is a highly recommended thing to do in Bangkok.


3.     Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

For an entirely different thing to do in Bangkok, climb the Sathorn Unique Tower. Construction of this tower started before the financial crisis hit. However, after the country is being hit massively by the financial crisis construction of this 49 story, skyscraper stopped.

Now instead of a beautiful and a mighty building, there exists an abandoned building. There is nothing one can do here as the building is too high. But that is the case when you don’t climb to its top.

Once you reach the top of the building, tourists can enjoy a spectacular view of Bangkok city, and the sight is a treat to the eyes.


4.     Chao Phraya River

Next in our bucket list is the Chao Phraya River trip. River wanders through the center of Bangkok; therefore, through a boat trip here our can visit or have a look at all important locations/places of Bangkok. Chao Phraya River multiplies the beauty, charm, and appeal of the Bangkok city.

Wander on the streets is entirely different than viewing the city by getting out on waters. As wandering in waters offers a complete serenity away from the city’s crowd and heat. As a result of which trip along the river is one of the popular things to do in Bangkok.

Ferries go back and forth between famous hotels and landmarks to offer a quick view of this bustling metropolis. Visitors can also rent out their boat for privacy purposes and enjoy the trip at their speed.

During trips specially visit the canals which are otherwise not possible to see. While adding further charm to the trip, enjoy an exciting dining experience on the dancing water under moonlight.


5.     Shop at the Chatuchak Market

Is it possible that a trip would be completed without doing some shopping and exploring the local markets and items?Therefore a great thing to do in Bangkok is to explore its fabulous maze-like Chatuchak Market. It is a weekend market and features more than 15,000 vendors.

In case you don’t need anything, go for window shopping, and I am a hundred percent sure you will return with tons of shopping bags. The market features everything for everyone, from cheap and affordable clothes and gadgets to exotic animals. Besides the shopping market, it is a sight not to miss.

Once you are done with shopping, give yourself a retreat at its delicious street food. Wander around the market, looking at its stall to get lost in its unique charm. Your shopping experience here will be unique from the usual shopping experience.


6.     Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Wat Arun or commonly Temple of Dawn, is another excellent tourist attraction in Bangkok for its depiction of the best temples in Bangkok. Its full name is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan, which is difficult to pronounce for an apparent reason. It is a landmark temple of Thailand and is present across the Chao Phyraya River.

Its main highlighting feature is its golden tower. Throughout the day tower looks beautiful and offers a spectacular sight; however, it is especially impressive at the time of sun setting on the horizon. Colorfully fantastic spires are used in the construction of the temple and are standing majestically and magnificently.

Wat Arun depicts the fantastic architecture and is like a treat to the eye. Take time to explore the temple thoroughly and visit it’s all parts.


7.     Chinatown

If you are a frequent tourist, you know that all major cities in the world have their own Chinatown. Then how come Bangkok stay out of the race. Bangkok happily boasts its fabulous Chinatown. Visiting Chinatown in Bangkok is like visiting small china within another country.

You will instantly know that you enter Chinatown once you cross ceremonial Chinese gates. It is full of street stalls and restaurants offering plenty of places to end delicious Chinese food. No other place in Bangkok offers so many different Chinese cuisines at an affordable price other than Chinatown.

Visit Chinatown once the sunsets to explore its vibrant and colorful life and is famous as a Chinese food haven. Besides food stalls and restaurants, it also features many great gold shops and other shops as well. This place is full of contagious energy, and you will return from here feeling more energetic.


8.     Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House belongs to the owner Jim Thompson who is a famous American businessman. He is known for establishing the Thai silk company. Now his house is turned into a museum and offers a deep insight into his life.

Originally in the 1950s and 1960s, Jim Thompson exhibits antiques from six different Thai museums making it a unique place to visit. House features amazing traditional Thai architecture, beautiful silk, and art. What makes it unique is the fusion of Thai architecture with western influence, giving this place an entirely intriguing feel.

Even if you are not familiar with Jim Thompson, you will find this museum fascinating. Guided tours are available so that tourists can learn about its history briefly. Tourists can have a unique opportunity to watch silk-making here. Or they can give retreat themselves at its restaurants or buy gifts.


9.     Lumpini Park

Another thing to do in Bangkok is Lumpini Park, named after Lord Buddha, born in Nepal. This park is famous for its serenity and natural charm, offering some quiet time away from the city hustle to restore one’s energy. During your visit here, you can witness people of all ages. Older people enjoy practicing Thai Chi here while younger people stroll beside the lake.

Tourists can enjoy this place while wandering on its streets as the park sprawl on more than half a million square meters. Park features a great variety of flora and hosts many live music performances during weekends.

The best place to enjoy a picnic and spend some quality time with family. There are plenty of food vendors present near the gate to enhance your trip excitement and enjoyment further.


10.   People Watching at Khao San Road

The last name in our bucket list is the Khao San Road. One of the most famous roads in Bangkok and is the best place to enjoy watching people of all kinds, races, ages, and ethnicity. It is a road but turned into a fantastic night market each night.

Featuring bars, street vendors, and excellent restaurants, all of which collectively make this street a fantastic place and a must thing to do. Keep in mind that this is not a local hotspot; therefore, you will witness a lot of foreigners here. It looks like a Las Vegas strip with an Asian feel.

Get a coke and wander on the street while looking at people. Other activities here include eating a fried scorpion and a fantastic fish massage.


Making a list of the best things to do before visiting the place is a great way to save your time and to avoid any problem at the new place among unknown peoples.

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